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Welcome to Hero House Yerevan, where the culture of exceptionalism, integrity, openness, hard work and fun shapes a better future!


Hero House is running a series of talks and panel discussions to leverage the deep knowledge of industry professionals and bring international best practices into the entrepreneurial community shaped around Hero House and beyond.

Hero House is an innovation hub in Yerevan, Armenia.

Our goal is to enable more heroes for spreading freedom, progress and change in Armenia and the World. We built a creative environment to keep the entrepreneurial spirit of hero teams burning.



SmartGateVC - a Silicon Valley pre-seed venture capital fund backed by Tim Draper and a network of entrepreneurs and professionals from Bay Area (and wider US), Europe, and MENA. Our key focus areas are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Security, Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging Biotech, Quantum Computing and Blockchain. ​


Armenia Startup Academy  – startup education institution with its 12-weeks flagship pre-acceleration program that feeds Armenian startup ecosystem with capable teams.

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AI Incubator - designed to help create scalable business solutions powered by state of the art technology, tightening academia-industry collaboration.

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Entrepreneurial Assistants' School - a program designed to train and keep talent for future growth of the Armenian and/or global startup ecosystem.

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Science and Technology Convergence Conference - an annual conference set to foresee the future of fundamental and applied research in Armenia.

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