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plug into tech in Armenia

Instant access to opportunities
in a fast-growing ecosystem

We match diasporan professionals with promising engineers and teams in Armenia


#landed is an initiative of SmartGateVC supporting professionals in becoming a true part of Armenian tech.

The program is designed for engineers and professionals in business development, marketing, sales, growth hacking, product management & other domains.

#landed brings together talented people to build winning teams.


Now is the best time for resourceful people to get deeply engaged into the winning community as its essential part.


20%+ growth annually since 2005.

Tech community shifted to building own products around solid IP.


Machine Learning

Feel the power and expertise of ML EVN - Yerevan Machine Learning Community - bright people in computer vision, NLP, RL. Teach the talented youth at all top universities of Yerevan, share your experience on the platform of SmartGateML - Yerevan Machine Learning Excellence Center.


Cybersecurity was born out of patriotism - when a group of tech hobbyists came along to build a community capable of fighting the toughest cyber attacks. Meet top 10 white hat hackers, bright cybersec professionals, take part in OWASP Armenia chapter meetups, teach at ArmSec Academy and get access to innovative solutions and raw talent. 

Quantum Computing

Join the physicists, computer scientists, and developers at Gate42 and newly formed quantum computing community in Armenia. While quantum computing is now available on cloud, Armenia can host you to develop your next big thing around applied quantum computing.


Meet dozens of startup founders working on deep tech solutions in AI, Security, Hardware Design, etc. State of the art background noise cancellation using deep learning, Image annotation algorithms that are 20x faster than alternatives, database acceleration through unique IP in FPGA space - all these are examples of companies you can meet and join in Yerevan. 


Meet people who do blockchain development for Ripple, research the future of capital, develop advanced crypto algorithms in blockchain and advise on zero knowledge cryptography to leading cryptocurrencies. Join yLedger in creating a sustainable blockchain community with experienced trainers, workshops and recurring meetups.

Internet of Things

Armenia is a global center for chip design hosting the largest R&D center of Synopsys outside the US, as well as companies like Mentor Graphics and National Instruments. Meet hundreds of talented hardware engineers, folks developing chips, FPGA boards or working on merging ASIC with a GPU.




We connect you to relevant industry professionals, friends, and like-minded people.


Job search and Employment

We provide full support and guidance in searching for, matching, and selecting a job that’s right for you. There are startups, that may need your knowledge and expertise, looking for co-founder and many more.


Access to Hero House Co-Working

As a member of the repatriation program, you will be granted residency at our Hero House co-working space for 2 months.


Full support for Integration

We will assist you in finding accommodation, getting your internet and utilities running, kindergarten or school application processes, setting up a bank account, and so on.


SmartGateVC, through its #landed initiative is happy to announce the launch of Armenia Tech Trip an initiative for 15 students from around the world to participate in a week-long tour of Armenia (June 16-23, 2019).

- Meet and interact with Armenia’s top tech companies, venture capitalists, research labs and startups in areas such as machine learning, cyber-security, internet of things and healthtech.

- Explore Armenia’s rich historical heritage and visit some of the world’s oldest monasteries, temples and churches.



Armen Rostomian

Co-founder at Illuria Security

Back in August 2018 Armen Rostomian, CTO and Co-Founder of LegatumX took a one-way ticket to Yerevan. We enjoyed the opportunity to help him, and now #landed helps others who are on their way. 


"If you’re an entrepreneur, an experienced technologist, or otherwise interested in tech and/or entrepreneurship, this is seriously the place to be. Things are happening, and we have the opportunity to join, meaningfully contribute, and directly impact what is developing here.



Now Armenia is the best place to be. And if you read all this, you should come join us. No excuse not to. These guys got you covered."


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